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wowJobs is a specialized hiring platform serving multi-national corporations operating in various industries, all across the world. We are a “Micro-Global” Executive Search and Selection firm, which offers recruitment process outsourcing services to all sorts of business clientele that have global ambitions.

Our aim is to source the right talent to meet the clients’ requirements, no matter where they are situated. Our services also extend to various HR functions related to hiring and onboarding, which enable our clients to focus on their hiring needs rather than deal with the hassle of recruitment. Guarantee of service is ensured by a vast network of highly motivated local partners who work closely with the companies at the ground level, so you always get a one-on-one personal experience.


Our local partners are entrepreneurs themselves, who are exceedingly skilled and experienced in their particular domains, thus enabling them to recognize crucial business needs and handle specific client requirements with detail and ‘micro’ attention. Currently, we have partners based in East Africa, Europe, India, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, and West Africa.

Our local partners are further assisted by our 300 Seat Resource Center based in Asia, which provides real-time solutions on a global scale, thus enabling our ever-expanding footprint. All the requirements are sent to the resource center for filtration, where they are mapped against our candidate pool. This pool is sourced from a continuously updated database of potential employees, which are at different stages of their careers, and offer different values to different clients.

In addition to supplying viable candidates for consideration, the resource center also aids in collecting, organizing, and categorizing relevant candidate documents for our clients. With this Resource Center, we have a far quicker ‘turnaround time’ on mandates than traditional sourcing channels.

Yet, despite this army of people working to fulfill the needs of the client, the client only deals with their designated account handler. This is our way of ensuring that the client gets a unique concierge experience, where one person can act as a single-window for getting resources from across the globe.

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