Corporate Social Responsibility

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Partnership with Healing India Now

Healing India Now represents a collective effort by individuals who have united to facilitate the connection of final-year students from medical and nursing colleges across India with job opportunities in the healthcare sector. Our service is completely free of charge, and it is our way of contributing to those who are making a difference.

This non-monetary initiative aims to address the gaps in the current healthcare infrastructure of India by providing a no-fee service to create a pool of healthcare professionals. The purpose is to bridge the manpower shortages in the Indian healthcare domain by facilitating the employment of needed personnel.

We encourage everyone to share this initiative within their networks, including medical colleges, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, to help increase manpower availability in the Indian healthcare sector.

Christmas Celebrations with Underprivilege

At wowJobs, we annually mark the Christmas season by distributing winter clothing, food, and gifts to underprivileged children in our community. We firmly believe that the most effective way to amplify one’s happiness is by generously sharing it with others.