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Corporate Social Responsibility

Partnership with Healing India Now

“Healing India Now” is an initiative by a lot of us who have gotten together to connect Final Year students from Medical/Nursing colleges across India to medical jobs. This is no charge service and is our way of contributing to those helping out.

A non-monetary, no fee based initiative and service to the society. Purpose is to create healthcare manpower to match up with the deficiencies in the current Healthcare Infrastructure of India, by helping with employment of the required manpower.

This is an initiative to make the manpower availability in the Indian healthcare domain. Request everyone to float it in your circle of medical colleges as well as hospitals or medical facilities.

Christmas Celebrations with Underprivilege

At WOW Jobs, we celebrate Christmas every year by sharing winter clothes, food and gifts with some underprivileged childrens in our society.

We strongly feel that the best way to multiply your happiness is to share it with others.

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