Our Primary Services



Search and Selection

We have two specialized teams; for Search and for Selection. The Search team has senior recruiters with an average experience of 8 – 10 years; they excel on working on leadership assignments and retained searches. The Selection team shortlists candidates based on clients’ mandates.



Furthermore, we provide clients a service where we identify what the competition is doing in their market. This is intrinsically in terms of human resource placements in areas such as their strength, salary scale, their methods of operation and other HR related aspects.This helps our client plan talent management in a better way, especially if a client is entering a new market where competition is already present.




New Country Set Up

For companies looking to explore new markets in India, Middle East and Africa; we provide temp services where we hire staff on our payrolls based in our offices, till the time the companies establish themselves or just try out the new market. This service acts as a big help to a company that is trying to work out a new territory.

Virtual Bench

We can hire talent on our bench and keep them for you in India. Talent such as Operations and Maintenance Staff, Service Engineers, Commissioning Staff, Field Engineers, Internal Auditors , IT Programmers, Database Engineers amongst others can be hired on our rolls in India and be deployed onsite in any part of the world at short notice. The advantage the client has is that you get ready deployable staff at short notice at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay.

Virtual Bench

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Recruiter on Demand and Profile Miners

We can set up a permanent or temporary recruitment desk for our clients in our office and employ people on our payroll as a cost effective solution.

We can also provide you with a team of “LinkedIn Miners” i.e. in other words staff who can mine Job Boards and LinkedIn for relevant profiles for you on either a per contact or an hourly rate