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Pallavi Chadda


Pallavi Chadda

Currently associated as Partner –WOW Digital (IT , Analytics, Big data,Digital ,Ecommerce, Edtech & Telecom domain) at wowJobs. Managing RPO,CTH ,Perm and Leadership Hiring.

An avid dreamer and fearless go-getter, Pallavi has excelled at every endeavor she has undertaken. She is driven by a desire to become a better version of herself every day and is on a quest to succeed at every step. Kind of person who always sees the cup as half full and very strongly believes in the power of positive thinking.

Having over 16 years of work experience, Pallavi has thorough exposure in the areas of Talent Acquisition, Operations, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Startups, People Management, Leading Teams etc

As an Operations professional, Pallavi brings about a unique ability to pull out the best from her team even in a high stress environment. Attention to detail being one of her biggest strengths, she is extremely thorough with any task she is entrusted with and carries an attitude to finish what she starts.

With experience in Organization Building through her two stints at entrepreneurship where she was extensively involved in team building, leadership development, business development, service delivery and customer success.

Specialties: Service Delivery, RPOs, Relationship Management, Re-badging resources, Business Development, Managing teams, Leadership hiring.

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