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Sunaina Gera


Sunaina Gera

Was born and brought up in Delhi and then went on to graduate from St. Stephens College with a honours degree in English Literature. Started my career in the travel industry with Dex travels after doing my IATA course. Soon became senior partner in a span of 3 months. Then post marriage did a program from MMSID and took the BTE and qualified as an interior designer. Started my independent practice for 11 years and completed more than 75 projects. Following which in 2008 I joined the family business, Gera Developments Pvt Ltd based out of Pune. Worked as head of design, HR, and construction for a period of 2-3 years each before going on to start my own architectural company Ms Gridlines LLP. In a span of 5 years we completed over 40 million sft of design. I recently sold the company and now am a senior partner with Wow Jobs as well as an investor/partner with Ms Styleworks, a coworking aggregator. I am also shortly getting into land development.

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