EOR Services

EOR Services

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Express Global Employement

With us, clients can get an expedited, 'express' global footprint through compliant on-boarding of International talent within 3-10 business days all over the world without the need to register their own companies overseas.

Immigration & Recruitment

A Global Employer of Record provides immigration support in 190 countries, making it easier for the company to navigate the complex and often time consuming process of obtaining work permits and visas for their employees. We render on-demand recruitment for a range of Industries and various roles.

Global Employee Benefits Management

With a Global Employer of Record, our clients can rest assured that their payroll and benefits administration is in good hands, and that all necessary tax reporting requirements are met, no matter where the employees are located.

Global Payroll Calculator(GPC)

GPC provides an easy way of global talent acquisition and compensation. With detailed data on employer and employee taxes and contributions in 190 countries, GPC gives users a complete picture of total employment costs. With high accuracy, no hidden costs, and 100% compliance around the world guaranteed, the GPC tool enables users to make fast, and informed decisions about locating their businesses or acquiring talent.

Global Employer Guides

With an Overview of Labour Laws in 190 Countries Our team can help clients to develop and implement effective labor procedures that are tailored to business's specific needs, so they can minimize legal risks and maintain compliance with local labour laws.

Tailored Solutions

For Employee Transfers During All Stages of M&A Acumen Global EOR services offer tailored solutions that are customised to the unique needs of each client. From drafting compliant employment contracts and payroll management to immigration and compliance support, global EOR can provide a range of services to meet the specific needs of businesses operating in different regions and industries.

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